LOST PLACES is an irregular Club Night based in Hamburg, Germany.


Lost Places @LUNASTROM | Sanatorium | Munich † Playlist 18.06.2016

Modern Witch - "Your Life A Movie"
AU+ - "Even"
Enola Ton - "Don't Drift Away"
Karen Novotny X - "I Can Feel The Heat (Closing In)"
Francis Bebey - "Bissao"
Equinoxious - "Control Voltage"
Lendless - "Strugglers"
Werner Karloff - "Chances"
Primitive Knot - "Be My Witch"
Salem - "Trapdoor"
Glasser - "Apply"
ZXZ - "Acid Bath"
4gotten Floor - "Bitch Exemplar"
5 Times Of Dust - "I Want Straight Sex"
Philipp Läufer - "A Second To Explain"
Black Marble - "On My Head"
Gyves - "Cityscape"
Hjördis-Britt Åström - "Heaven"
Ferdinand Cärclash feat. Kriistal Ann - "Vivid Nightmare"
Bleib Modern - "Helping Hand"
Wipeout - "I'm In Good Shape So I'm Fine"
Plurabelle - "Always in Drag"
Yuro Chain - "Rewired"
Adán & Ilse - "Sin Of Sin" [version 3]
The Present Moment - "Million To One"
Antoni Maiovvi - "Trauma" [edit]
The Rorschach Garden - "The Game Of Passion"
Monte Cazazza - "The Womb Is A Happening Thing"
Equinoxious - "A26"
La Mécanique - "Les fous et les artistes"
Marrow Mandler - "Eldritch Urge"
Poeme Electronique - "Rendezvous"
Votive - "All to Take"
Chromatics - "Accelerator"
No1r - "Nostalgia"
Tiers - "So Far"
Cocteau Twins - "Feathers-Oar-Blades"
Troller - "Not Here"
Lebanon Hanover - "Dark Hill"
Anton De Neige - "III"
Joy Division - "Komakino"
The Tear Garden - "In Search Of My Rose"
Soma Sema - "Artificial Heart"
Portishead - "We Carry On"
Club Amour - "Disconnected"
Marc Houle - "On It"
The Shortwave Mystery - "Separate Divisions"
Police Des Moeurs - "Rôles Inversés"
Led Er Est - "Scissors"
Daybed - "Lack Of Light" [7'' version]
Kline Coma Xero - "Mannequins"
Code Grey - "Pilot"
Total Control - "Paranoid Video"
Velodrome - "Glasfabrik"
Tanz Ohne Musik - "In Your Eyes"
Blasterkorps - "Rongé Par la Mort"
Tuxedomoon - "No Tears"
Adam Berces - "Runes And Men"
Vulgaire - "De La Croix"
The Subterranean - "Dreaming In Black"
Tanz Ohne Musik - "Belong"
Te/DIS - "Reject"
Roladex - "Love Surgery" [TSTI remix]
Secret Soviet Army - "The Prince and the Prisoner"
Peine Perdue - "Veine de Talc" [version]
Galatée - "Paris"
Gremlock - "Fist"
The Horrorist - "Born This Way"
Martial Canterel - "Hausmann"
:codes - "Shadow Coat"
Pierre Normal - "Attraction"
Brusque Twins - "Sick Pig"
Ortrotasce - "World Un Related"
The KVB - "Leaning"
Distel - "Hxxx"
Steril - "Grey"
Schwefelgelb - "Balancier Dich"
Mount Sims - "No Yellow Lines"
Tifaret - "Failure"
Viki - "This Is What It Sounds Like"
Sleep Museum - "Clash"
Colours - "Lost In A Sea"
Lake Radio - "Кулинария"
Casuistry - "Parasite"
Da-Sein - "Synthetic blowjob"
Haus Arafna - "Satanas And Friends"
Genevieve Pasquier - "Blitzkrieg Baby Part 1"
Animal Bodies - "Fata Morgana"
Gertrud Stein - "Free"
Arnaud Lazlaud - "Le Malade-Roi"
Synths Versus Me - "Machines Loves Better"
Sally Dige - "Immaculate Deception"
Impersonate Or Die - "Es Ist Unmöglich"
Picobots - "Hot Pink New York"
College - "She Never Came Back"
Ortrotasce - "World Un Related"
Me Succeeds - "Augen Und Laserlicht"
Bary Center - "Time Is Not Real"
Tannhäuser Gate - "Automatic Lover"
Gertrud Stein - "Tanze Samba Mit Mir"
The Leather Nun - "Slow Death"
The Cramps - "Human Fly"
Sonic Jesus - "Triumph"
Violent Femmes - "Country Death Song"
I-F feat. Helga La Blaque - "Playstation No. 2"
Human League - "The Black Hit Of Space"
AHS Project - "House Of The Rising Sun"
Jessica Lange - "Gods And Monsters"