LOST PLACES is an irregular Club Night based in Hamburg, Germany.


Guest appearance @LUNASTROM | Munich on June 18, 2016

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Lost Places @IN GOTH WE TRUST / Wave Gotik Treffen (4Rooms, Leipzig) † Playlist 13.05.2016

 ... in cooperation with 
robertianjim [Leipzig / Vanity Noire]
a.e. schatten & reklovski [Bremen / coinciDANSES]
Lost Places' contribution:
Dave Ball - "Strict Tempo"
Data-Bank-A - "Shapes of Love"
Depeche Mode - "All That's Mine"
Fad Gadget - "The Box"
à;GRUMH... - "Drama In The Subway"
Code Grey - "Pilot"
Person:A - "A Scent Of Metal"
Electronicat - "Amour Salé"
Wipe Out - "Sliced Shaped Remodeled"
Deathday - "No Future"
Bel Am - "Blood... Sheen"
Benjamin Biolay - "Regarder la lumière"
Bergheim 34 - "Oscillations"
G.D.Luxxe - "Skin and Fur"
La Mécanique - "Les fous et les artistes"
The Parallax Corporation - "Crocodilles In The Sky"
John Maus - "Time To Die"
Olms - "Like The Seasons"
Miss Kittin & Marc Houle - "Where Is Kittin? [john foxx & the maths remix]
Das Ding - "Standing In The Hall"
Lunapark - "Lederhosen"
Q4U - "Why"
The Rorschach Garden - "The Game Of Passion"
This Is The Bridge – "Dance, You Die"
Tanz Ohne Musik - "Belong"
Visage - "The Damned Don't Cry"
Dead Or Alive - "Misty Circles"
Siouxsie & The Banshees - "Silly Thing"
Yazoo - "Goodbye Seventies"
Ash Code - "Unnecessary Songs"
Fockewulf 190 - "We Are Colder"
Schwefelgelb - "Balancier Dich"
Bleib Modern - "Closer To The Edge Of Pleasure"
Swayzak feat. Nicola Kuperus - "I Dance Alone"
T.Raumschmiere - "A Very Loud Lullaby"
Talking Heads - "Psycho Killer"
Björk - "Declare Independence"