LOST PLACES is an irregular Club Night based in Hamburg, Germany.


Lost Places @MusikBar Komet, Hamburg / Playlist 04.05.2013

Micro Naps - Switchblade Witch
Mi Ami - Dolphins
Krisma - Miami
Light Vision - Di Vulsia
Holger Hiller - 48 (Achtundvierzig) Kissen
Q. Lazzarus - Goodbye Horses
He Said - Pump
Sea Of Tranquility - As Thick As Fingers
Nurse With Wound - I Am The Poison
Karl Runau - Driven By Instinct
Moduretik - Božský klid
Innergaze - Waiting
Terror Bird & Cyan Kid - Metropolitan Girls
Claps - Fold 
Absolute Body Control - Never Seen
Milch (R) - Aepobnk
Bryan Ferry - You Can Dance
Uncut - Understanding The New Violence
Metronomy - On Dancefloors
Dalis Car - Artemis Rise
:codes - Nekra Fylla
X Mal Deutschland  - Schwarze Welt
Silent Signals - Tales of Innocence
Fostercare - Burn This City 
Sleep Museum - Foregone
Featureless Ghost - Empty Command
Lust For Youth - It's You
Cold Cave - A Little Death To Laugh
Trisomie 21 - The Camp
Blitzkrieg Baby - Your Happy Place
Tannhäuser Gate - Obsession
Austra - Beat And The Pulse
Mount Sims - No Yellow Lines 
Pierre Normal - Attraction 
Nouvelle Phénomène - Caresse*
Visage - The Damned Don't Cry*
Spatial Relation - Dissociative Females 
Lebanon Hanover - Gallowdance 
Derniere Volonte - L'Ombre Des Reverberes*
Arnaud Lazlaud - Reiva 
Nocturnal Emissions - Never Give Up*
Das Kombinat - Ganz In Weiss 
Haus Arafna - Anatomy Of A Murderer 
Blackhouse - We Will Fight Back 
Stahlnetz - Vor All Den Jahren 
ADULT. - In My Nerves*
Twice A Man - Russian Tractors*
Björk - Pluto 
The KVB - Leaning 
Női Kabát - I Corrode
Alien Skull Paint - Fly With Me 
Skinny Puppy - Quiet Solitude 
Fever Ray - When I Grow Up*
White Ring - IxC999 
Distel - hxxx 
Depeche Mode - The Sun & The Rainfall 
Savage Progress - My Soul Unwarps Tonight 
Human League - Seconds 
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Mermaids 
At Least We Are Deputies - Big B.
unhappybirthday - Anorak
Me Succeeds - Augen Und Laserlicht 
Rangleklods - Riverbed 
Eleven Pond - Watching Trees 
Police Des Moeurs - Rôles Inversés 
Trust - Bulbform 
Tuxedomoon - In The Name Of Talent
Frank Tovey - Concrete
Death In June - Fields 
Soft Cell - Paranoid
November Növelet - The Ocean Of Tears
Paula E. Sheppard - Me And My Rhythm Box
O. Children - Oceanside
Westbam feat. Richard Butler - You Need the Drug
I-F - Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass 
Karin Park - Explosions 
Cold Cave - Confetti*
SPK - Metal Field 
The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud - A Night In Fear
Le Syndicat Electronique - On Strike 
The Cure - The Walk 
Yello - Bostich (N'est-ce Pas)
Yazoo - Situation 
Boytronic - Late Night Satellite 
Icehouse - Great Southern Land  
Morrissey - Irish Blood, English Heart
The Smiths - Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours  
Talking Heads - Road to Nowhere 
Trick 17 - City-Nacht

* request