LOST PLACES is an irregular Club Night based in Hamburg, Germany.


Lost Places @Return Of The Living Dead (MarX-Floor) with Robert Ian Jim, Markthalle, Hamburg / Playlist 11.01.2014

The Sparks - this town ain't big enough for both of us
Peter Murphy - marlene dietrich's favourite poem
Утро - Души стареют быстрее тел
Phillip Boa & The Voodooclub - punch & judy club
Wall Of Voodoo - lost weekend

Lost Places
Nico - roses in the snow
Tash Willmore - across the sea
Suicide - wild in blue
Blitzkrieg Baby - your happy place
Two Lone Swordsmen - kamanda's response

The Names - life by the sea
The Shyness Of Strangers - sober
Excentrique Noiz - fluorescent dream
Mary Onettes - dare
Diiv - doused
PIL - death disco
Die Erde - party
Faith & The Muse - shattered in aspect
Dead Can Dance - saltarello
Paul Roland - witchfinder
New Days Delay - stereokatastrophe*

Lost Places
The Present Moment - precision
DMX Krew - the falling things
Fad Gadget - fireside favourites
New Order - truth
Cocteau Twins - feathers-oar-blades

Sad Lovers & Giants - when i see you
Sex Gang Children - sebastiane
Love Like Blood - johannesburg
The Essence - the cat
Ulterior - justify my love

Lost Places
Project Komakino - dead air
Nine Circles - mercy
Mekon feat. Alan Vega & Bobby Gillespie - blood on the moon (in flagranti remix)
Primal Scream - the lord is my shotgun
Ike Yard - a dull life
Neon - information of death

Clair Obscur - toundra
Night Sins - evangeline
Lebanon Hanover - sadness is rebellion
Joy Division - isolation
London After Midnight - kiss*
The Creatures - miss the girl
Linea Aspera - eviction
Solid Space - tenth planet

Lost Places
Das Kabinett - the cabinet
Alien Skull Paint - fly with me*
Kas Product - so young but so cold
Martial Canterel - lips not listening
Figure Study - interaction
Spatial Relation - dissocative females

The Electronic Circus - direct lines
The Cure - play for today
Lene Lovich - bird song*
The Neon Judgement - tv treated
Clock DVA - the hacker*
Anne Clark - wallies

Lost Places
Sisters Of Mercy - lucretia my reflection
Savage Process - my soul unwarps tonight
Yazoo - goodbye seventies
Agent Side Grinder - sleeping fury
Pony - little teeth
Incubated Sounds - anne's death

Woodkid - i love you*
Tempers - strange harvest*
Bauhaus - passion of lovers*
Pink Turns Blue - walking on both sides
Circuit 7 - video boys
Led Er Est - port isabel
P1/E - 49 second romance
Soft Moon - alive
In Death It Ends - we all die

Lost Places
Black Egg - jesus in furs
Derniere Volonte - qu'avez vous fait
Death In June - born again
The KVB - leaning
Meddicine - motionless
Le Syndicate Electronique - close to you
Brusque Twins - game of desire

Indochine - l'aventurier
Crisis - uk78*
New Model Army - vengeance*
Frustration - dying city
Peppermint Lounge - perfect high
Boytronic - red chips*
Velvet Condom - kalter lippenstift*
Turquoise Days - grey skies

Lost Places
Trisomie 21 - betrayed
Dial M For Murder - oh no
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - lovely creature
Siouxsie & The Banshees - face to face
Autumn - night in june
Miss Kittin & The Hacker - 1982
Neongrau - photographic
Skinny Puppy - first aid

Silke Bischoff - small and tired
Desireless - voyage voyage
Les Rita Mitsouko - c'est comme cay
Echo  & The Bunnymen - the killing moon
Depeche Mode - tora tora tora

Lost Places
Kissing The Pink - the last film
Olms - share the same madness

David Bowie - scary monsters

Lost Places
David Bowie - dirty boys

Iron Curtain - anorexia

Lost Places
The Flirts - passion

Christian Death - romeo's distress*

Lost Places
France Gall - laisse tomber les filles

Alexander Robotnick - problemes d'amour*

Lost Places
Tamion 12 Inch - camera

The Specials - ghost town (7'')
Einstürzende Neubauten - stella maris