LOST PLACES is an irregular Club Night based in Hamburg, Germany.


Lost Places presents: BLEIB MODERN live @Return Of The Living Dead

After-Show-Party: DJ Set by Mr K & Lost Places

14.11.2015 / doors open 21:30
Klosterwall 11
20095 Hamburg, Germany


Lost Places vs. coinciDANSES @THE RED ROOM (Dildofabrik, Hamburg) † Playlist 31.07.2015

LOST PLACES [junge obscur & herr defekt]:
Strasbourg - "Strasbourg"
Pink Industry - "State of Grace"
Bel Am - "Blood... Sheen"
Box And The Twins - "Big Nothing"
Sleep Museum - "Tar"
Dead Curtis - "Away"
Bleib Modern - "Helping Hand"
Joy Division - "Passover"
Velvet Condom - "Collapse In Slow Motion"
Ikon - "King Of Terror"
The Mono Polys - "Insomnia"
The Cure - "Wrong Number"
Myrna Loy - "Lebetor"
Xeno And Oaklander - "Blue Flower"
Cocteau Twins - "Feathers-Oar-Blades"
Shad Shadows - "Minor Blues"
Adult. - "Shari Vari"
Mount Sims - "How We Do"
Keluar - "Surface"
Alex Sindrome - "Jai Pas Envie [melanoboy remix]
Mekon feat. A. Vega & B. Gillespie - "Blood On The Moon“ [in flagranti remix]
Noël Matteï - "Lesbian Boy"
Revolting Cocks - "Do Ya Think I m Sexy"
Black Asteroid feat. Cold Cave - "Black Moon"
Soft Cell - "Heat"
Kindest Cuts - "Villains"
Transfigure - "Days Go By"
Doctrine - "Parador"
Love In Cage - "Jonctions Télégraphiques"
Impersonate Or Die - "Es ist unmöglich"
Siouxsie & The Banshees - "Cascade"
Vive La Fête - "Je Ne Veux Pas"
Art Zero feat. Kriistal Ann - "Plastic Pleasures"
MOdE iN gliANY - "☠b-seq"
Zarkoff & Popsimonova - "Ruby"
Lovers Revenge - "Waves Of Depression"
Circa Tapes - "Eleven Doors"
Skinny Puppy - "First Aid"
Női Kabát - "I Corrode"
Psyche - "Unveiling the Secret"
The Cure - "A Forest"
Deathday - "No Future"
Das Kabinett - "The Cabinet"
Schmaalhans Weltraum - "Montagne De Boeuf"
Tanz Ohne Musik - "Heart Eruption"
Robert Smith - "There's A Girl In The Corner"
Pelotone - "Fear"
Katharina Nuttall - "Turn Me On"
Laker Herzog - "Told"
Newclear Waves - "God Of War"
Sudeten Creche - "Tear Garden"
Joshua Noel Tanner - "The Cold War is Over"
John Maus - "Just Wait Til Next Year"
Black Marble - "On My Head"
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - "She's Leaving"
Martial Canterel - "Efface [version]"
Ti-Tho - "Die Liebe ist ein Abenteuer"
I-F - "End Theme"

coinciDANSES [andrea e. schatten]:
UMBERTO – temple room (extended version)
MODURETIK – struktura I
SILENT EM – hasta el sur
MARIE DAVIDSON – balade aux usa
SEACRYPT – emerge
VENIN CARMIN – the perfume, the poison
TO FEED A NEON FOREST – glamorous hands
STACCATO DU MAL – desespero
KLINE COMA XERO – left behind
DAYBED – weird sailing
PEINE PERDUE – segment
DETACHMENTS – holiday romance
HøRD – deliverance
CIRCA TAPES – enntenaa
ORTROTASCE – world unrelated
AUTOMELODI – vacances à maiori
TRES – operator
THE SHORTWAVE MYSTERY – separate divisions
LARS FALK – hello hello
MEN WITHOUT HATS – antarctica
INFORMATICS – proximity switch (accidents in paradise)
RATBAU – ordinateur
DIE GESUNDEN – die gesunden kommen
LES VISITEURS DU SOIR – je t’ecris d’un pays
FAD GADGET – ricky’s hand
KURUKI – yack yack
N.A. POP 2000 – panic in your mind
AERIAL FX – instant feelings


Lost Places @ASTRA STUBE, Hamburg / Playlist 01.05.2015

Adamo - "Tombe la neige"
Rome - "Reversion"
Cate Le Bon feat. Perfume Genius - "I Think I Knew"
The Mono Polys - "Bluebird"
Happy Mondays - "Rush Rush"
Die Selektion - "Dust"
Clair Obscur - "Decades"
Pastfutures - "My Prayer"
Georges Alabaster - "Fear Of Youth"
Polaroid Kiss - "Pay Your Dues"
Mortal Boy - "Girls In Wigs"
Zoltan Freitag - "Like A Movie On TV"
Actors – "XYX"
Enik - "Why Do You Love Me"
It & My Computer - "Le Garcon Est Mort"
Adán & Ilse feat. Gabi Delgado - "Girl"

(no playlist)
(no playlist)

Led Er Est - "Scissors"
Transfigure - "Days Go By"
:codes - "Attendre la nuit"
Total Control - "Paranoid Video"
Bourbonese Qualk - "Lies"[ancient methods edit]
Black Marble - "On My Head"
Olms - "Infinity"
The Shortwave Mystery - "Separate Divisions"
Telepathe - "So Fine"
Lucky+Love - "Sexy"
Peine Perdue - "Apre Midi"
Austra - "Beat And The Pulse"
Bat For Lashes - "Daniel"
Dial M For Murder - "OhNo!"
Anika - "Yang Yang"
Black Light Smoke - "Firefly"
I-F - "End Theme"


LOST PLACES @MusikBar Komet, Hamburg | Playlist 07.03.2015

Lightbluemover & Black Light Smoke - "Poppa's Bag"
The Russian Apartments - "The Last Last You"
Tobias Bernstrup - "Enemies Of The Earth"
Realpeople - "My Night With The Prostitute From Marseille"
Thom Yorke - "A Brain In A Bottle"
He Said - "Pump"
Enola Ton - "I ́ll Be Your Mirror"
Dirty Sanchez - "Asymmetric"
Tannhäuser Gate - "Automatic Lover"
AU+ - "Even"
Code Grey - "Subway Incident"
Philipp Münch - "Relentless Soul"
Moloko - "Sorry"
Motorama - "Heavy Wave"
Yuro Chain - "Rewired"
Imaginary War - "Cipher"
All Your Sisters - "Tension"
Humour Malade - "One Moment Like This"
XTR Human - "Lost Symmetry"
Echö - "Unknown Park" [makina girgir moth rmx]
Steven Grandell - "Burn My Eyes"
Adán & Ilse - "Overdrive" [simi nah vs kgb rmx]
Black Light Smoke - "Firefly"
Peine Perdue - "Cerceaux"
Martial Canterel - "Hausmann"
Nachtanalyse - "Korn Um Korn"
The Shortwave Mystery - "Separate Divisions"
The Soft Moon - "Into The Depths"
Dead Can Dance - "Threshold"
Lebanon Hanover - "Dark Hill"
L'Avenir - "In The Distance"
Unur - "Pantomimed Drowning"
Equinoxious - "Control Voltage"
Coco Solid - "Architecture"
L U C ▲ - "Reiter" [kyoto remix]
Björk - "Pluto"
Haus Arafna - "No Right To Live"
Bourbonese Qualk - "Lies"
Total Control - "Paranoid Video"
Paradox Sequenz - "Hart Am Limit"
Artist Unknown - "Dancelikespasztx"
Transfigure - "Lonely Days (On And On)"
Front 242 - "Quite Unusual"
The Sisters Of Mercy - "Emma"
Velvet Condom - "Collapse In Slow Motion"
Melanoboy - "Ask Yourself"
Distel - "Dögn"
Somnambulist - "Things I Was Due To Forget"
Pastfutures - "My Prayer"
A Number Of Names - "Sharevari"
Adult. - "Side-Swiped" [radio edit]
Malaria! - "Leidenschaft (Passion)"
Borghesia - "Ni Upanja, Ni Strahu (No Hope No Fear)"
Soft Cell - "Soul Inside"
Boytronic - "Trigger Track" [7" version]
INDΣΔ†HI†ΣNDϟ - "We All Die"
Kriistal Ann & Mode In Gliany - "Love Is A Disease"
Tuxedo Gleam - "Draw the Blinds"
Neud Photo - "Trabert"
Makina Girgir - "Livides Clartés"
Clan Of Xymox - "Muscoviet Musqiuto"
Opus Finis - "The Errors of Eros"
Tempers - "Killing For Company"
Vision Fantom - "Eglise Makina"
Buzz Kull - "Dreams"
Das Kombinat - "Ganz In Weiss"
The KVB - "Leaning"
Nichts - "Tango 2000"
Doppler Effect - "Time Is Running Out"
Kas Product - "Tina Town"
Doctrine - "Parador"
Factice Factory feat. Lissette Schoenly - "Mask"
Figure Study - "Wait"
Geneviéve Pasquier - "Colourful Grey"
Low Factor - "The Storm"
Bleib Modern - "Closer To The Edge Of Pleasure"
Vólkova - "Birds of Prey"
Votive - "Bad Memory"
Zweitbesetzung - "Träumen In Kalten Räumen"
Gertrud Stein - "Tanze Samba Mit Mir"
Kline Coma Xero - "Mannequins"
Impersonate Or Die - "The Scar In You"
Twins - "Dead and Forgotten"
Vomito Negro - "Children Of Today"
Nico - "Roses In The Snow"
Jessica Lange - "Gods And Monsters"


Lost Places @RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD (Markthalle, Hamburg) / Playlist 10.01.2015

Olms - "Fall, Die"
Violent Noon - "Nihil"
TSTI - "Love&Truth [Spatial Relation remix]
Daybed - "Inclines"
Schicksal - "Body Beat"
Taxi Girl - "Paris"
Katharina Nuttall - "Place Of Hope"
The Body Electric - "Dash 1721"
Blancmange - "Drive Me"
Dial M for Murder! - "Bring me down"
Paul Haig - "The Only Truth"
Kindest Cuts - "Handsome Killer"
Gyves - "Misery Plains"
Impersonate Or Die - "Spiegel"
Motorama - "Heavy Wave"
Japan - "My New Career"
Echö - "Unknown Park" [Makina Girgir moth remix]
Siouxsie & The Banshees - "Face To Face"
The Mono Polys - "Bluebird"
Moloko - "Sorry"
November Növelet - "Dancing Queen"
No More - "In A White Room"
The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud - "A Night In Fear"
The Neon Judgement - "Braindance"
Klinik - "Go Back"
Psyche - "Prisoner To Desire"
Ash Code - "Unnecessary Songs"
Absolute Body Control - "Sorrow"
Suicide - "Wild In Blue"
Alien Skull Paint - "Fly With Me"
Crash Course In Science - "Jump Over Barrels"
Nine Circles - "This Is The Rose"
Cabaret Voltaire - "Sensoria"
Human League - "Seconds"
Ceramic Hello - "Sampling The Blast Furnace"
Vita Noctis - "Alone"
No More - "In A White Room"
Doctrine - "Parador"
Arnaud Lazlaud - "Allumeuses S-F"
Getriebe Analogique - "Bela Lugosi's Dead"
Kriistal Ann & Mode In Gliany - "Love is a Disease"
Mode In Gliany - "The Little Fly"
Fockewulf 190 - "We Are Colder"
Chris & Cosey - "October (Love Song)"
Fiction Factory - "(Feels Like) Heaven"
Real Life - "Send Me an Angel"
Xmal Deutschland - "Schwarze Welt
Black Marble - "On My Head"
Pierre Normal - "Attraction"
Endgames - "First-Last-For Everything"
Hell - "Follow You"
Yello - "Bostich (N'est-ce Pas)"
Alex Fergusson - "Stay With Me Tonight"
Björk - "All is Full of Love"


Lost Places @CARPE NOCTEM/ENTARTET (Honigfabrik, Hamburg) / Playlist 29.11.2014

Myrna Loy - "Sing Garden"
Skin - "Come Out"
Holger Kielgas - "Warum Muss Ich Immer Weinen"
Monowelt - "Angst"
Pleasure Symbols - "Ultraviolence"
Desire - "Under Your Spell"
Claps - "Across the Floor"
Enola Ton - "DMSL"
XTR Human - "Lost Symmetry"
The Vanishing - "Terror, I've Been Dying To Meet You"
Werner Karloff - "Grey Rain"
Detachments - "Holiday Romance"
Tears For Fears - "The Way You Are"
New Order - "Ceremony"
And Also the Trees - "The Light Of Phoenix"
Spiritual Front - "I Walk the (Dead) Line"
The Tear Garden - "Sheila Liked The Rodeo"
Ash Code - "Want"
Intelligence Dept. - "Sister Europe"
The Rorschach Garden - "The Game Of Passion"
The Cure - "Hot Hot Hot!!!"
Grotesk - "I Wanna Be Your Dog"
Linea Aspera - "Vultures"
Throbbing Gristle - "Hot On The Heels Of Love"
Clan Of Xymox - "Louise"
Cocteau Twins - "Feathers-Oar-Blades"
The Creatures - "Pluto Drive"
The Bridge - "Dead Film Stars"
Essaie Pas - "Retox"
Haus Arafna - "No Right To Live"
Gertrud Stein - "Free"
Paradox Obscur - "Cold November"
Snowy Red - "Don't Lose Control"
Sally Dige - "Doppelgänger"
This Cold Night - "Gay Goth Dance Machine"
Marc Almond - "Dancer"
Violet Tremors - "Violet Trance"
Fierbinteanu - "I Want To Reach The Stars With You"
The Normal - "T.V.O.D."
Klangstabil - "You May Start"
Miserylab - "People"
Black Spider Clan - "Keiner Kommt Hier Lebend Raus"
Eleven Pond - "Watching Trees"
Fad Gadget - "Love Parasite"
The Communards - "Disenchanted"
Tiers - "So Far"
Zola Jesus - "I Can't Stand"
Jessica Lange - "Gods And Monsters"
Dernière Volonté - "Qu'Avez Vous Fait?"

TOGETHER IN ELECTRIC DREAMS [cooperation with DAMAGED GOODS] (Gruener Jaeger, Hamburg) / Playlist 30.12.2014

Chromatics - "Accelerator"
Carpenter Brut - "SexKiller On The Loose"
Non-Human Persons - "Gloria"
Blancmange - "The Day Before You Came"
Zarkoff & Popsimonova - "Ruby"
Ciaran Harte - "Love Is Strange"
Boytronic - "Trigger Track"
Soft Cell - "Meet Murder My Angel"
Cold Cave - "Confetti"
Metronomy - "On Dancefloors"
Mount Sims - "How We Do"
Toktok vs. Soffy O. - "Jean"
Tobias Bernstrup - "Afterhours"
Leda - "Endless Race"
Blancmange - "Drive Me"
Depeche Mode - "More Than A Party"
Bronski Beat - "Close To The Edge"
Freeez - "I.O.U."
DMX Krew - "17 Ways To Break My Heart"
Felix Da Housecat - "Madame Hollywood"
Visage - "Pleasure Boys" [dance mix]
Alphaville - "The Elevator"
Eurythmics - "Who's That Girl?"
The Cure - "The Walk" [everything mix]
Dial M For Murder – "Oh No!"
Enik - "Why Do You Love Me"
U-Bahn X - "Young Hearts of Europe"
Ivan - "Fotonovela"
Donna Summer - "I Feel Love"
Doctrine - "Parador"
Fryars - "Visitors"
Rework - "Love Love Love Yeah"
Skeleton Hands - "Ghost"
Ronny - "To Have And To Have Not"
Les Visiteurs Du Soir - "Je t'Ecris d'Un Pays"
David Carretta - "Ca Plane Pour Moi"
Karin Park - "Explosions"